“Proud to be me”

#Afrovisibility billboard campaign 2018

The idea that curly hair is somehow not beautiful and hence unacceptable has been deeply entrenched in society to the point that this idea is unconciously reflected in the media. This idea then results in the lack of diverse images of beauty in most mass media. This dangerously narrow and limited definition of beauty impacts negatively on anyone who does not look like the images of beauty being protrayed. 

The Project Embrace #Afrovisibility billboard campaign aims to contribute in changing this narrow perception of beauty and bias against afro textured and curly hair by creating positive, beautiful images of that hair type on billboards. Our aim is to inspire society to embrace all kinds of hair and change the percetion of what is standard as beauty and encourage people to embrace their natural hair.

Meet our ladies

Behind the scenes of the campaign photoshoot

We selected 6 ladies out of over 400 who applied for the open audition back in February. Our wonderful judges selected women with real, authentic stories behind their hair journey. VINE Creatives assembled the creative team in order to capature these women's beauty and the shoot was artdirected by Trevor Robinson OBE of creative agency Quiet Storm.

The team

Founding company

Project Embrace

Project Embrace aims to be a creditable voice within the beauty and media industry. Tackling the issues of inclusion and diversity from an afro hair standpoint and working with brands to understand the community which it seeks to reach.

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Project partner

VINE Creatives

VINE Creatives, a visual communications and brand strategy agency aimed at working with businesses and companies headed up by the African diaspora. Having access to a wealth of creatives from the community as well as experience working with brands such as Sony, Amazon, Barclays.

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Creative agency

Quiet Storm

Quiet Storm is an award-winning creative agency which has been creating ads and creative campaigns since 1995. Headed up by Trevor Robinson OBE, the agency has worked with brands such as NBC Universal, Youngs, Haribo, Childline and Crimestoppers.

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Thank you to our sponsors and partners

This wouldn’t have been possible without our supporters, partners and sponsors.